Weekly cultural hotspot review | Reunion 4 broke 2 billion in 4 days after its release, breaking the record of The Wandering Earth

6 birds and 1 bogey! Woods is 2 strokes behind and rushes to the championship on the mobile day. The tiger king is back?China's M99 re-sniping Aleppo battlefieldThe state of the intestines is no small matter, the doctor recommends: pamper yourself!A good companion for May Day trips, four 200,000-class hardcore SUVs recommendedAs soon as "Chang'e" and "Yutu" woke up, they were swiped by netizens' brain hole comments

Handsome senior is online! Netizen Nortel encounters Wu Lei and greets fans

All-new BMW 3 Series significantly improves competitiveness

Malaysia exempts stamp duty, housing sales may increase by 30%

Hedgehog "stolen" to the police station

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